SPORTident Air+ Contactless Timing

New "touchless" system builds on the SPORTident architecture: Reliable remote checkpoints saving timing data to intelligent competitor units. Elapse time and splits are immediately available at the finish.

SPORTident Air+ is made in Germany to be dependable, lightweight, and rugged for professional-grade events.

  • Sports: For mountain bike enduro (flying finish), ski-orienteering, ski biathlon, adventure racing, mountain marathon, white water kayaking, obstacle course timing, and other outdoor sports.

  • Industrial and Science: For military, scientific performance measurement, R&D and validation of other products, and other outdoor and indoor timing.

  • Portable: Air+ is compact (The "Large" timing gate weighs 2lbs/1kg) meaning it can be setup for daily use plus easily travel for the likes of tours, training camps, and scientific field work. Use the same system and capabilities at home and on the road.

    Air+ is available as a custom factory order, please email. Shipping worldwide from Los Angeles, California. Information below is subject to change.

    BS11 Large timing gate

    • 3-meter width or 6-meter double-gate if placed in middle
    • Spherical radio hot zone (precise 3m radius)
    • Battery operated: Greater than 1-day usage, 6-hour USB charging
    • Programmable to start, finish, and checkpoints (via USB)
    • Handles multiple competitors streaming through gate
    • Passing speed tested at 40 kph (25mph) at 2.9 meters
    • Timing readout to 0.01 second (requires special download Dongle)
    • Measures approximately 10 x 12 x 1.5 inches, 2 pounds
    • Clips to a 1cm diameter metal stake, sold separately
    • Also available: BS11 Small checkpoint, see below
    • BS11 communicates only with SI-Active Card
    • Slave mode to create a 6m (<=5.9m) wide gate:
    SPORTident Active Card (SIAC)
    • Electronics compute time and save split
    • SIAC measures field strength when passing gate for precise time
    • SIAC gives confirmation beep and flash
    • 128 punch capacity plus clear, check, start, and finish
    • Writable with owner's name and personal data
    • SIAC body as finger stick, wrist mount, or bike mountable
    • Backwards compatible with conventional SPORTident stations,
      mix and match BS11 and BSF8 in your event!
    • Battery lasting up to 4 years, factory replaceable
    • SIAC turns on with Check stamp and off with Finish (required)
    • New SIAC-specific BSF8 modes: Batt Test, Readout, On, Off
    Air+ operating steps
      Event prep
    1. Allow pre-event familiarity and demo period for organizers
    2. Configure event software with card and station codes
    3. Program BS11 & BSF8 with station ID codes
    4. Charge and Time sync BS11 timing gates before each day (green light)
    5. Turn on BS11s separately, or slave one to another for 6m 'gate'
    6. Tape off/chute timing points for a definite and narrow lane
      BS11 at handlebar level, Confirm range/width in the field
      Restrict competitors from wandering back through hotzones

      Competitor experience

    7. BSF8 Batt Test confirms SIAC juice
    8. BSF8 Clear clears SIAC upon insert
    9. BSF8 Check/On turns on SIAC upon insert (green light flashing)
    10. BS11 (flying) or BSF8 (insert) Start to start clock (red/green flash)
    11. BS11 (flying) or BSF8 (insert) for checkpoint or Enduro stage
    12. BS11 (flying) or BSF8 (insert) Finish for stop and turn off SIAC
    13. Or BSF8 Off to turn off SIAC
    14. BSM7/8 for download to computer
      or USB Dongle+BSF8 Readout for sub-second data download
    15. SPORTident SI-Reader or SI-Config to write to database
    16. Event software required (below) to implement your rules and results
    System architecture and important reminders
    • The BS11 is a beacon continuously broadcasting time and code number
    • Computer in SIAC records all beacon pulse times and strength
    • The SIAC determines which pulse is strongest, saves that time
    • SIAC will beep and flash once final punch time is saved to memory
      Importantly, this beep and flash will be *well after* passing the gate
    • The SIAC alone knows the one punch time, the BS11 does not
    • Multiple passes through a BS11 hotzone will get multiple stamps
    • SIAC needs Finish/Off to turn off, otherwise 20 hours after last control
    • Keep BS11s in 'Timing Mode' for SIAC to record strongest signal
    Accessories available
    • Standard download station and accessories
    • SIAC bike mount, custom molded foam ($6 each)
    • BS11-Small 1.8m radius for narrow running lane
    • Separate: 3/8" hex aluminum for sturdy lightweight stake
      (Image below)
    • SRR Dongle: USB dongle for touchless SIAC download to computer
    • BS11-Loop: 6m wide with ground or overhead antenna
    • Air+ Signal Indicator: Device to show signal strength
    • International support, Race timing provider support

    List Pricing
    • SI-Active Card $89
    • BS11 Large $530  (3m max radius)
    • BS11 Small $260  ("Blue" 1.8m)
    • 15% or more quantity discounts available
    • New: Rent/hire additional SIAC $8/weekend, please email
      Ships from Long Beach, California - Americas, Asia pacific, worldwide

    Set Pricing - Discounted

    MTB Enduro 5-Stage / 150-Rider Set
    • 150x SIAC active timing chips
    • 5x BS11-Small stage start (touchless 1.8m)
    • 5x BS11-Large stage finish (touchless 3m)
    • Administrative units, Download, etc
    • Upgrade options: Add stages, riders, etc.
    • See separate MTB Enduro Set product
    School and Training Set RACE
    • Available for sale
    • Includes BS11-Small (1.8m), BSF8, SIAC, and Printout Set
    • Please email

    Community Links
    (Not affiliated with
    • Third-party Enduro capable software:

      - O-LYNX MTB Timing (link) (See website for pricing)
         - Use with SPORTident Air+ or standard SPORTident punching
         - Up to 12 stages with multiple courses
         - Multi-day support
         - Very easy to define the course and stage checkpoints
         - Professional looking results

      - JAS Timing & Scoring (email) (USA enduro specific, ~$599 list price)
         - JAS is the "for enduro by enduro" crowd favorite
         - Complete results, stage customization, real time leaderboard
         - Fully supported and customization requests are welcome

      - SI Timing (link) (See website for pricing)
         - MTB Enduro Sets Medium and Large have a one-year license included
         - Is used for all events in the MTB Enduro World Series
         - Provides timing/results for events with as few as 5 to as many as 5000 participants
         - There are various SIAC battery management tools built into the software
         - Martin and Andrew provide great customer support
      - SI-Reader dumps to CSV, not event manager (by SPORTident, free)

    • Race timing service providers offering Air+

      O-LYNX event timing
      Worldwide (email Phillip)
      - "Different race disciplines, including orienteering, adventure racing, biking, walk/runs and more"
      - "We can help provide a positive race day experience and accurate results – all at an affordable price"

      KOM Productions
      USA Texas/Central and National (email Joshua)
      - "Cycling, running, adventure racing, and anything else..."
      - "When accuracy and reliability are paramount..."

      Jarret Peek timing services
      USA Southeast and National (email)
      - On-site full service race timing
      - Off-site config of chips, stations, then shipment and event support
      - Self-service rental of stations and cards

    • SIAC rental reservation calendar
      - Google calendar (link)
      - Does not include shipping window
      - Please email for availability confirmation

    MTB video note: Only one SIAC card is necessary (video shows two). Internal engineering testing was taking place at this event.

    Biathlon video: Note athlete speeds, distance from BS11-Large stations, groups passing at once, reuse of stations, staggered starts, in/out timing at shooting round, integration with non-SI, flashing (and beeping) confirmation from SIAC.

    We are available to learn about and discuss your specific event requirements.

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