SI-Card 10

New, latest technology
60ms punching time!
128 punch capacity!

  • SI-Card 10, band included
  • High punching speed, new transparent body with different color tips (red, green, blue, yellow, white)

  • SI-Card 11, band included ***DISCONTINUED***
  • It flashes! Visual feedback confirming the successful recording of the split time at the control
  • Easier to see the flash from your stick rather than hear the contol, convenient for fast moving youngsters and older folks alike
  • Comes in distinctive transparent body with chromed tip
  • Lights from inside the tip, flashing out through translucent tip logo and clear plastic body

  • Both SI-Card 10 & 11
  • Firmware 5.74+ is required for all controls and download stations
    - New firmware is backwards compatible with all SI-Cards
    - Version 5.74 has been available since 2011
  • Custom number reservation service now available
    - Drop ship fee of $13 (subject to change)

The SI-Cards 10 & 11 are members of the third generation of SI-Cards:

SI-Cards10/11 and SIAC complete the punching cycle in about 60ms. This is nearly twice as fast as SI-Card8/9, the most advanced SI-Cards so far.

SI-Card11 features an integrated electronic module. There is an optical feedback signal (flashing LED) indicating the finished punching process.

In general SI-Card11 offers a smarter experience. There is exactly one feedback signal cycle from the SI-station. The next feedback signal is flashing by the SI-Card. The flashing signal stays active also after having left the control point.

SI-Card11 feedback signals are powered by battery. Power consumption is very low. Based on calculations there is enough power to activate up to 30,000 flashing cycles.

The SI-Card11 features a fallback option. If the battery is faulty the device works like the passive SI-Card10. So any risk is eliminated.

SI-Card11 comes with a chrome tip and transparent body. The flashing LED illuminates the SI logo at the tip and broadcasts into the transparent body.

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SI-Card 10
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