O-Lynx Radio Telemetry


  • Self configuring mesh network, controls are also repeaters
  • Punches hop from radio to radio back to the Master Unit
  • LED's on units confirm signal strength as you deploy outward
  • Self contained, battery operated, with an on/off switch
  • Battery lasts about a day, USB rechargeable
  • USB connection from Master Unit to computer
  • Controls use SPORTident BSM-7 Master (RS-232) as control, required
  • Software included: Easy to use real-time splits display and announcing
  • Invented and manufactured in New Zealand, distributed by SPORTident.us

    Benefits and Use:

  • Super easy setup, radios automatically find each other
  • Set up a bunch in finish/spectator area
  • And/or string units to reach "hub and spoke" of remote controls
  • Units are not high power, intended to string together
  • Spectator friendly course layouts are suggested to reach controls
  • But high gain antannae options available
  • Compatible with existing orienteering announcing software
  • Synchronizes with existing orienteering event management software
  • But runs independent of and can be used without event software
  • Personal support by Phillip Herries of O-Lynx in New Zealand
  • Inventory on hand for easy purchase and shipping from SPORTident.us

    O-Lynx Kit and Options:

  • Kit includes 1x Master radio, 2x radios with control, mounting brackets, charger and cables
  • Includes one year of software license ($70, 400 competitors). For one-off event or renew as needed
  • Kit effectively supplies start and finish punch, add additional radios to have controls
  • Grow the system later with additional radio controls/repeaters
  • Optional high gain antennae or DIY support for advanced layouts

    Uses so far:

  • National/large event announcing, JROTC safety, schools event results board.
  • "Every club in the world should have radio‚Äôs on their start and finish controls so they know how long people have been out for."
  • For details and user experiences please see o-lynx.com and the Valerie Meyer blog.

Rental rates now available: $150 Master Radio with Software + $45/control. Weekly rate plus shipping to and from Los Angeles, CA. Please email for details.

O-lynx hardware and software
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