Intro Set

  • A SPORTident.US exclusive!

  • Get started with SPORTident at local events for under $2k
  • Includes:
    • BSM7 USB Master for download
    • 15 SI-Card8 red/black finger sticks
    • 11 BSF8 stations
      - BSF8-DB Blue Display Bottom
      - To be programmed by customer as desired
      - Suggestion: Clear, Start, Finish, 31-38 (8 controls)
    • Blank sheet of laser printable weatherproof labels for BSF8
    • Coupling stick and Service/Off instruction card
    • SPORTident blue transport case
  • Like "Starter Set" but with USB Master rather than BS8 Time Master
  • Without cost of the Printout Set, for use with laptop and inkjet printer
  • Tips on course setting and no/low cost software see FAQ (above)

  • Add more controls or SI-Cards now or later
  • Discounted set price, limit one per customer

  • Add aluminum control stands from
Intro Set
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  • Item #: si/set/intro
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