Control Marker

    Superior quality:

  • Premium orienteering control markers/flags by SPORTident, Germany
  • Continuous metal rod, fade resistent
  • Better quality than Suunto, etc.
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    Available in:

  • Regulation size and specification,
  • Half-size "mini" for training, or
  • "Micro" size for rear view mirror and gifts.


    "The control marker is really, really nice. I like the material. The wire frame has a better overlap and is placed better than other flags we have, making it all but impossible for the string to slip off. The hanger string is of high quality and I like the way they are tied, making the string self-centering and the tie joint will hold the numbers above the flag.

    Terrific !" --Ron Bortz, Delaware Valley Orienteering (DVOA), USA

Control Marker
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