BSM7/8-D USB Master

USB Download Master for SPORTident conventional and Air+

    BSM7-USB (Standard)

  • For programming BSF8 controls using SI-Config
  • For downloading SI-Cards to event management software
    (See FAQ, above)
  • Runs on internal battery with or without computer
    Battery requires monitoring and periodic change like controls

    BSM8-USB (New)

  • Same board as BSM7 but with no battery
  • BS8 wedge form factor (like a BSF8 control)
  • The good: Powered 100% by computer's USB port
    No battery to monitor, replace, or die
  • The tradeoff: No battery backup in loss of power / if unplugged
    The BSM7 can continue to download when not plugged in
  • Both the BSM7 and BSM8 have backup memory onboard
  • The BSM7 as primary unit is still recommended, add BSM8 if desired
Getting the "Invalid port number" error in SI-Config? See screen captures:

BSM7/8-D USB Master
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