BSF8-SRR Short Range Radio

    BSF8-SRR Display Bottom

  • A BSF8 that also transmits punches to an SRR Dongle
  • 8 meter range
  • Automatically finds, selects channel, and pairs with an SRR Dongle
  • Programmable as any punch station
  • Not programmable as 'card readout' like a BSM7 Master

    SRR Dongle

  • Small USB stick that receives punches over SRR
  • Supports up to eight BSF8-SRRs
  • SRR Dongle has two possible channels
  • Thus you can have 16 BSF8-SRRs in range of 2 dongles
  • Channels are called 0/Red and 1/Blue, factory default is 0
  • Channel is user programmable with SI-Config
  • BSF8-SRR will scan both channels for available slot


  • SRR Dongle is available in O-Lynx Radio for cable free controls
  • SRR Dongle also receives stamps from Air+ SIAC
  • Embed in custom devices via USB
  • Additional details are online (PDF)

  • SRR Dongle price is $45, please email
BSF8-SRR Short Range Radio
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