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Equipment for orienteering, adventure racing and MTB

SPORTident "ComCard Up" compass

SPORTident comca

SI-Card in a thumb compass! -- NEW FOR 2015!

  • Price: $89.00

SPORTident Air+ Touchless

SPORTident Active Card

Timing gates for full-speed outdoor timing

  • Price: $2,200.00

Training/Starter/School Set

Training/Starter/School Set

Starter Set including Printout Set

  • Price: $3,050.00

Intro Set

Intro Set

Intro Set with USB master, controls, and cards

  • Price: $1,950.00

MTB Enduro Timing Set

MTB Enduro Timing Set

5 Stages with 50 pCards, USB downloader

  • Price: $2,450.00

T-Bar Stand

Orienteering stand, machined parts easy assembly

Lightweight control stands - IMPROVED!

  • Price: $23.95